Saturday, November 17, 2007

Anything can be real!

We think we know all there is to know, but do we? What if anything could be real, and how do we know if something is real? How do we know what reality really is?

Is reality really defined by our 5 senses? What if the information picked up through our 5 senses could be faked; showing us something that hasn’t got anything to do with the reality at all? That sure is a possibility and studying FALSE information wouldn’t bring us ANY closer in knowing what the reality is and how it works. “The Matrix” is a movie about the subject which I really recommend by the way...

But let’s think of the world as a “game” for once, and that what we describe as atoms might not be anything more than what we describe as polygons in a 3D game (the tiny little triangles that builds up the 3D world). We might think they that THEY is what controls how everything works, but maybe they only controls what we can see! And that just like in a game there is much more "source code" behind it all which is what REALLY is controlling how things work (that we will never be able to see). So no matter how much we study these atoms we might never get close to how things really works; as studying polygons in a 3D game wouldn’t make you any smarter about how the game works either (no matter how much you zoom into a polygon you will never see the source-code behind it, it will always be invisible, but you might get a few clues). So what I’m saying is that all the information our scientists got may be useless when it comes to describing how our reality REALLY works. And that distances in our universe may not be so distant after all; just like in a game you may EXPERIENCE parts of the 3D world as far far away; but inside the computer's processor there is not any "length" between the places at all, it’s just data, and just by changing a single variable you may teleport anywhere you want. And in some games you can even use cheat-codes to do stuff that isn’t supposed to be possible; you can really go crazy with that. So maybe this is what’s described as "magic" in our world; people who knows how to cheat? And in a game ANYTHING is really a possibility too no matter how strange it is, ghosts, aliens and monsters, why not? So if our world may work like a game then I would say that ANYTHING is possible! And what about timetravel? That would sure be possible in a game as many games records everything and saves it as a replay you can watch later. Maybe our world has that too and that just by changing a “variable” we could jump here and there in that replay (our time).

Thinking of our world like a game is really exiting and maybe it’s closer to the truth than we know? But what I explained to you is that we may NEVER know what reality is or how it works, and THAT'S a fact our scientists might have to start thinking about!

And ultimately it boils down to this: What is reality? Feelings are!
(think hard on that one)