Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What happens when we die?

I believe this is when we step out of our “vehicle” which we believed was a part of us. That it’s like waking up from a dream, a dream were you was so dumbed-down that you didn’t understand anything. That you can experience the world for what it really is and not the 10% you thought it was.

When explaining things to children you need to dumb it down into something they can understand, we all heard the story about the bees and flowers… So bear with me!

It’s like coming out of out of the tank you’ve been driving around in your whole life. Inside it you could only view the world out through a little hole, you could only steer forward, backward, left and right and a big rock would block your road. Inside this tank we can agree on that you experience the world in a limited way, and I believe that our body “is” that tank (if you get the idea). But when it was shot by an enemy tank and destroyed you noticed there was a hole in it, you climb out of it and you’re free from the tank. You can now experience the world in a totally different way and you are not anymore limited to its two-dimensional way of driving. If there is a big rock in the road you can now climb over it!

This is what I believe happens when we die, and when I put it that way it doesn’t sound too unrealistic does it? That we may be eternal and continue to live after our body dies? And if we were driving a "tank" in the first place I guess we can find a new one (reincarnation). ;-)