Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The double slit experiment

Most people have not heard about the double slit experiment, which I think is a shame. And several of those who have heard about it missed the fact that the act of observing could change the end result. Basically it proves that consciousness affects the quantum world in ways we can't even begin to understand!

Here is a quick introduction to the experiment and what happened:

Yes, at the end of the video you did actually hear right!

Like me you may start thinking that these scientists must have unintentionally affected the result with their measuring equipment; that they reached the wrong conclusion. But if you research this experiment more you'll figure out that they really proved that it was the act of a consciousness being knowing certain information that would change the result!

Which this guy explains much better than me:
(video 4 is straight to the point, but you may watch them all)

So I say again; this is a scientific FACT!
It's a fact that changes our whole understanding of the world, a fact that may be more amazing than the discovery of alien life would be! So that almost no one have ever heard about it is really a mystery. Do scientists hide what they do not understand? Why is this fact being ignored like this? I DO NOT KNOW.

But what I DO know is that; since observing or not observing can change the reality it would suggest that the world around us is designed to have observers. Whether they are defined as animals, humans or souls, that life and consciousness is NO random anomaly, that the universe actually is there for US!

Think about THAT for a moment.

(and if anyone would help me do such an experiment please get in contact

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dimensions, a missused word!

"In mathematics and physics, the dimension of a space or object is informally defined as the minimum number of coordinates needed to specify each point within it"

We like to say that the world consists of 3 dimensions. The talk of "dimensions" is very confusing and almost seems to suggest that one can experience less or more of them but that we humans happens to live in the 3 of them. We call them X, Y and Z and some of us even imagine beings living in just X and Y. But X and Y is inside X, Y and Z so any being existing in X and Y would have to exist somewhere in our 3D space, like on a sheet of paper! But even a paper is 3D, so basically there is no "2D world" or "1D world"...

A fourth dimension would represent duplicates of a 3D space a fifth duplicates of all those duplicates and so on. And all the 3D spaces inside this mess would be separate from each other! That's what would happen with more dimensions! Yet we like to talk about them like they mean something else...

Time as a dimension

If time was a fourth dimension this would mean that there were duplicates of our 3D spaces where time is a coordinate defining one of them. Which actually makes all those 3D spaces STATIC without movement, just like a frame in a movie.

So what does this make time then? A force which duplicates our 3D space whenever a physical reaction happens? Which means more and more 3D spaces are always created but we only perceive the last one of them?

Or are all those static 3D spaces already there but our consciousness traveling along them?

If one believes in "time" as a fourth dimension feel free to wonder about this (and a fifth dimension could represent alternate timelines by the way). But personally I don't think time should be looked upon as a DIMENSION!

Why? Because I don't think time is a coordinate!
It might help our mind thinking of it as a coordinate, but that doesn't make it so! Time is just a variable defining the speed of physical reactions! And I've shared some of my thoughts about "time" in my previous blog post.

Back to "dimensions"...

We hear scientists who like to throw that word around, but do they even themselves know what it is? I personally think it is a very misused word!

And I don't think that everything has to be explained as being "within a dimension"! Often when talking about dimensions/coordinates they have infinite values, X, Y and Z in our universe can't be said to have any max value for example. But what if we have a fourth dimension with only 10 values? How many values does the different dimensions have?!

Dimensions are just a way to represent things and I don't necessarily think that everything can fit in such an representation!

I think "layer" is a word that should be used more often!

If you've used Photoshop (or any other image editor) you have an idea about what a layer is. Of course one might also call that a fourth dimension, but let's avoid that word for a moment.

Since electromagnetic waves can travel through vacuum I like to believe that there is a layer of electromagnetic "fabric" or "potential" which is like a quiet sea. But when one generates an electromagnetic pulse it is like dropping a stone into this sea, so the signal will travel NOT "in it self" but in the sea of electromagnetic potential. The point being; we could have stuff going on in different layers but which exists in the SAME space!

Maybe we have a physical layer which interacts with an electromagnetic layer, and so on. And we can measure the EFFECT of the electromagnetic layer interacting with the physical layer, but not the electromagnetic layer itself. And notice how we can describe all this without having to use the silly word "dimensions" and trying to understand how all of this would fit in the "dimension theory".

So stop throwing the dimension word around people!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Time is a variable which describes the speed of physical reactions!

It is nothing to "travel" in and it is not a fourth dimension.

I actually like to say that time doesn't exist!

"Time" is mostly a concept made by humans for their minds not to confuse and I think that most people have a wrong idea about what it is.

Neither is there a way to directly measure it; one can only measure the EFFECT of it.

And the closest thing we can come to "time travel" is what we do every day!

And as I said, time describes the speed of PHYSICAL reactions but our mind is most likely NOT what we consider "physical". Which means physicists are probably wrong in their idea about using a black hole to travel faster forward in time!

While the body near the black hole might have slower physical reactions which would make it age slower than the bodies outside the black hole its MIND may still perceive "time" the same way. Which means that the consciousness of that body will experience this as ultra-slow-motion and quickly get bored beyond belief!

So though the body may not have aged when exiting the black hole I don't think that it would FEEL like it had traveled in time.

And being near a black hole would crush you anyway...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Stuff traveling faster than light, and ignorant scientists

I read a very interesting article on the internet once, and I want to talk a little about it and how I think some scientists are ignorant about the matter. You can find the whole article at:

It’s about a twin photon experiment done by Dr. Nicolas Gisin of the University of Geneva and his colleagues. He sent pairs of photons in opposite directions trough optical fibers and when reaching the end of the fibers the two photons were forced to make random choices between alternative equally pathways. But the independent decisions by the paired protons always matched! Which means there has to be some kind of invisible “link” between them, some way for them to “communicate” so the one always does what the other one does. Which by “classical” physics is not possible; since nothing can travel faster than light.

Quotes from the article (please read):

The idea behind Gisin's experiment was not new. Since the 1970s, physicists have been testing a prediction of quantum theory that "entangled" particles continue to communicate with each other instantaneously even when very far apart.

Past experiments on entangled particles were carried out over distances of 100 yards or less. By showing that the link between two entangled particles survives even when they are seven miles apart, Gisin set a dramatic distance record.

"In principle, it should make no difference whether the correlation between twin particles occurs when they are separated by a few meters or by the entire universe," he said in an interview.

In Gisin's experiment, as in earlier ones, no signal of any kind (that we could detect) was transmitted between the photons, but despite this, one of the photons "knew" what happened to its distant twin, and mimicked the twin's response. This response took less than one ten-thousandth of the time a light beam would have needed to carry the news from one photon to the other.

Whatever the nature of the connection between entangled particles may be, nearly all physicists agree that it cannot be used to transmit messages faster than the speed of light. All it can do is assure that a random choice by one entangled particle is instantly echoed by its distant partner. This is not the same thing as transmitting information, the experts say, and therefore it does not violate relativity theory.

Well, it’s the last quote there which really provokes me. Just listen to the stupidity of that sentence, they somehow can’t believe that this can be used to send messages faster than light, because this violates with the RELATIVITY theory?! But if they somehow affect one of the particles the other one WILL be affected too, it doesn’t sounds so hard, not that I’m an expert, but I’m sure they haven’t experimented enough yet to disprove this. They just don’t want to believe in it since it destroys their whole view on how the world function and they choose to ignore what doesn’t fit into any of their theories (like a religious man choose to ignore scientific facts). But the whole point is ridiculous, they don’t think it’s possible for US to use these particles to transfer messages/data (imagine the superfast internet we could create) BUT there sure is SOME connection between the particles telling THEM what the other one does, and is this not DATA being sent, traveling faster than light?!

And if we just figure out how they communicate we wouldn’t even need the particles to send any data. Why do they even believe that anything has to actually TRAVEL faster than light for this to function? Does everything have to travel? In a computer game we can send data without it having to actually “travel trough the 3D world”, and why can’t we just open our eyes and understand that this might be possible in our world too? Not everything needs to be in 3D, in a game we have the programming which lies “beneath” the 3D world and is by no way limited by it, but sure can be used to manipulate it as I described this in another chapter.

But there is even more interesting stuff in the article:

Another deep quantum mystery for which physicists have no answer has to do with "tunneling" -- the bizarre ability of particles to sometimes penetrate impenetrable barriers. This effect is not only well demonstrated; it is the basis of tunnel diodes and similar devices vital to modern electronic systems.

The probabilistic nature of quantum events means that if a stream of particles encounters an obstacle, most of the particles will be stopped in their tracks but a few, conveyed by probability alone, will magically appear on the other side of the barrier. The process is called "tunneling," although the word in itself explains nothing.

"We find," Chiao said, "that a barrier placed in the path of a tunneling particle does not slow it down. In fact, we detect particles on the other side of the barrier that have made the trip in less time than it would take the particle to traverse an equal distance without a barrier -- in other words, the tunneling speed apparently greatly exceeds the speed of light. Moreover, if you increase the thickness of the barrier the tunneling speed increases, as high as you please.

Should we just ignore this too because we so hard want to believe in the relativity theory? I’m not saying that the relativity theory is necessarily wrong, I’m just saying that this has nothing to do with it, that this function at another level.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What happens when we die?

I believe this is when we step out of our “vehicle” which we believed was a part of us. That it’s like waking up from a dream, a dream were you was so dumbed-down that you didn’t understand anything. That you can experience the world for what it really is and not the 10% you thought it was.

When explaining things to children you need to dumb it down into something they can understand, we all heard the story about the bees and flowers… So bear with me!

It’s like coming out of out of the tank you’ve been driving around in your whole life. Inside it you could only view the world out through a little hole, you could only steer forward, backward, left and right and a big rock would block your road. Inside this tank we can agree on that you experience the world in a limited way, and I believe that our body “is” that tank (if you get the idea). But when it was shot by an enemy tank and destroyed you noticed there was a hole in it, you climb out of it and you’re free from the tank. You can now experience the world in a totally different way and you are not anymore limited to its two-dimensional way of driving. If there is a big rock in the road you can now climb over it!

This is what I believe happens when we die, and when I put it that way it doesn’t sound too unrealistic does it? That we may be eternal and continue to live after our body dies? And if we were driving a "tank" in the first place I guess we can find a new one (reincarnation). ;-)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Anything can be real!

We think we know all there is to know, but do we? What if anything could be real, and how do we know if something is real? How do we know what reality really is?

Is reality really defined by our 5 senses? What if the information picked up through our 5 senses could be faked; showing us something that hasn’t got anything to do with the reality at all? That sure is a possibility and studying FALSE information wouldn’t bring us ANY closer in knowing what the reality is and how it works. “The Matrix” is a movie about the subject which I really recommend by the way...

But let’s think of the world as a “game” for once, and that what we describe as atoms might not be anything more than what we describe as polygons in a 3D game (the tiny little triangles that builds up the 3D world). We might think they that THEY is what controls how everything works, but maybe they only controls what we can see! And that just like in a game there is much more "source code" behind it all which is what REALLY is controlling how things work (that we will never be able to see). So no matter how much we study these atoms we might never get close to how things really works; as studying polygons in a 3D game wouldn’t make you any smarter about how the game works either (no matter how much you zoom into a polygon you will never see the source-code behind it, it will always be invisible, but you might get a few clues). So what I’m saying is that all the information our scientists got may be useless when it comes to describing how our reality REALLY works. And that distances in our universe may not be so distant after all; just like in a game you may EXPERIENCE parts of the 3D world as far far away; but inside the computer's processor there is not any "length" between the places at all, it’s just data, and just by changing a single variable you may teleport anywhere you want. And in some games you can even use cheat-codes to do stuff that isn’t supposed to be possible; you can really go crazy with that. So maybe this is what’s described as "magic" in our world; people who knows how to cheat? And in a game ANYTHING is really a possibility too no matter how strange it is, ghosts, aliens and monsters, why not? So if our world may work like a game then I would say that ANYTHING is possible! And what about timetravel? That would sure be possible in a game as many games records everything and saves it as a replay you can watch later. Maybe our world has that too and that just by changing a “variable” we could jump here and there in that replay (our time).

Thinking of our world like a game is really exiting and maybe it’s closer to the truth than we know? But what I explained to you is that we may NEVER know what reality is or how it works, and THAT'S a fact our scientists might have to start thinking about!

And ultimately it boils down to this: What is reality? Feelings are!
(think hard on that one)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Our senses and view of the world is very limited!

You may not know it but our senses doesn’t really tell us all there is to know, we’re actually experiencing the world in a VERY limited way! It’s like we’re peaking through a tiny little hole.

The best example of explaining this is showing you what your eyes can see, you may think that they can see all there is to see? But in reality maybe only 10% is what they can perceive as shown is this diagram below:

Our eyes only pick up certain wavelengths. In this diagram they’re marked as visible wavelengths, the other ones aren’t visible for us humans. If some of these terms are new to you then feel free to do a Google search and read more about it as I will not explain in details.
We humans usually respond to wavelengths at 400-700nm and some even 380-780nm, but some animals can even look into the infrared and ultraviolet spectrums and notice things we humans never would notice. Like seeing other patterns in flowers and actually seeing the heat that radiates from animals (good for hunting), etc.

(differences between normal colors and ultra-violet)

Actually everything at above the absolute zero-point gives out energy radiation which is possible to detect and infrared cameras is very good at this. Here you can see some typical pictures taken by such a camera:

(normal camera at the left and a infrared camera at the right)

(heat is easily detected with infrared cameras)

It doesn't matter if it's pitch black or if it's in the middle of the day when using infrared cameras, it mostly detects the energy radiated from the surroundings and not the light reflected, where hot objects (which contains much energy) will show up as white and cold (low energy) objects will be darker. Actually that depends on the settings for the camera since you can choose to view it in several ways.

Just imagine how cool it would be if our eyes could detect all these other wavelengths, it would really change the way we live. We would have no problems seeing at night and we could easily see where the walls are badly isolated, etc.

Invisible objects?

It has also been reported that UFOs and ghosts might be able to hide themselves from our visible light spectrum so they will be invisible for us, this is a very interesting theory and there are videos that is suggests this. Below you can see a video leaked from NASA which shows objects that suddenly gets visible inside the light spectrum of the camera (and these cameras see far into the ultraviolet by the way).

This also explains how ghosts you couldn’t see with your own eyes may show up on the pictures you take. Because most cameras can see a little further into the other wavelengths than our eyes does, but not so much that it destroys the quality of the image. We wouldn’t want images where you saw the light of your remote control when you’re changing a channel on your TV for example, but if you experiment a little you’ll see that some cameras actually can.

What else do we miss?

Well, we can’t hear all sound there is to hear either, sounds with very high or low frequency isn’t hearable by us. And as we age we will actually be getting worse at hearing higher frequencies, so people in their youth may be able to have a ringtone on their cell phone with a very high frequency that the teacher isn’t able to hear at all but which they hear themselves.

Dolphins and bats for example are also able to use something called echolocation which is used when they send out load clicking sounds and receives the echo of the sound to “map a image” of the environment. I’ve also heard that dolphins may be able to use ultrasound; this is the same technique people use when they’re filming a child inside its mothers womb. So maybe dolphins can even do that, see inside other animals at a close range?

So sure there is a lot we can miss with our human senses, we have to admit it; in some areas we are very limited. There may be much going on that we will never notice!