Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The double slit experiment

Most people have not heard about the double slit experiment, which I think is a shame. And several of those who have heard about it missed the fact that the act of observing could change the end result. Basically it proves that consciousness affects the quantum world in ways we can't even begin to understand!

Here is a quick introduction to the experiment and what happened:

Yes, at the end of the video you did actually hear right!

Like me you may start thinking that these scientists must have unintentionally affected the result with their measuring equipment; that they reached the wrong conclusion. But if you research this experiment more you'll figure out that they really proved that it was the act of a consciousness being knowing certain information that would change the result!

Which this guy explains much better than me:
(video 4 is straight to the point, but you may watch them all)

So I say again; this is a scientific FACT!
It's a fact that changes our whole understanding of the world, a fact that may be more amazing than the discovery of alien life would be! So that almost no one have ever heard about it is really a mystery. Do scientists hide what they do not understand? Why is this fact being ignored like this? I DO NOT KNOW.

But what I DO know is that; since observing or not observing can change the reality it would suggest that the world around us is designed to have observers. Whether they are defined as animals, humans or souls, that life and consciousness is NO random anomaly, that the universe actually is there for US!

Think about THAT for a moment.

(and if anyone would help me do such an experiment please get in contact

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