Sunday, October 21, 2007

Our senses and view of the world is very limited!

You may not know it but our senses doesn’t really tell us all there is to know, we’re actually experiencing the world in a VERY limited way! It’s like we’re peaking through a tiny little hole.

The best example of explaining this is showing you what your eyes can see, you may think that they can see all there is to see? But in reality maybe only 10% is what they can perceive as shown is this diagram below:

Our eyes only pick up certain wavelengths. In this diagram they’re marked as visible wavelengths, the other ones aren’t visible for us humans. If some of these terms are new to you then feel free to do a Google search and read more about it as I will not explain in details.
We humans usually respond to wavelengths at 400-700nm and some even 380-780nm, but some animals can even look into the infrared and ultraviolet spectrums and notice things we humans never would notice. Like seeing other patterns in flowers and actually seeing the heat that radiates from animals (good for hunting), etc.

(differences between normal colors and ultra-violet)

Actually everything at above the absolute zero-point gives out energy radiation which is possible to detect and infrared cameras is very good at this. Here you can see some typical pictures taken by such a camera:

(normal camera at the left and a infrared camera at the right)

(heat is easily detected with infrared cameras)

It doesn't matter if it's pitch black or if it's in the middle of the day when using infrared cameras, it mostly detects the energy radiated from the surroundings and not the light reflected, where hot objects (which contains much energy) will show up as white and cold (low energy) objects will be darker. Actually that depends on the settings for the camera since you can choose to view it in several ways.

Just imagine how cool it would be if our eyes could detect all these other wavelengths, it would really change the way we live. We would have no problems seeing at night and we could easily see where the walls are badly isolated, etc.

Invisible objects?

It has also been reported that UFOs and ghosts might be able to hide themselves from our visible light spectrum so they will be invisible for us, this is a very interesting theory and there are videos that is suggests this. Below you can see a video leaked from NASA which shows objects that suddenly gets visible inside the light spectrum of the camera (and these cameras see far into the ultraviolet by the way).

This also explains how ghosts you couldn’t see with your own eyes may show up on the pictures you take. Because most cameras can see a little further into the other wavelengths than our eyes does, but not so much that it destroys the quality of the image. We wouldn’t want images where you saw the light of your remote control when you’re changing a channel on your TV for example, but if you experiment a little you’ll see that some cameras actually can.

What else do we miss?

Well, we can’t hear all sound there is to hear either, sounds with very high or low frequency isn’t hearable by us. And as we age we will actually be getting worse at hearing higher frequencies, so people in their youth may be able to have a ringtone on their cell phone with a very high frequency that the teacher isn’t able to hear at all but which they hear themselves.

Dolphins and bats for example are also able to use something called echolocation which is used when they send out load clicking sounds and receives the echo of the sound to “map a image” of the environment. I’ve also heard that dolphins may be able to use ultrasound; this is the same technique people use when they’re filming a child inside its mothers womb. So maybe dolphins can even do that, see inside other animals at a close range?

So sure there is a lot we can miss with our human senses, we have to admit it; in some areas we are very limited. There may be much going on that we will never notice!

Does aliens look like us?

It’s a common misbelieve that aliens should look very different from us, so when mentioning aliens with two legs, two arms and a head people may think that this is unrealistic. But is it?

Let’s think about that for a while. For example why do you think that the human race became the most intelligent one on earth and also the one most capable of using and making advanced tools? Well, that’s mostly because we have the perfect body for this; the perfect body-design for letting us evolve like this. You wouldn’t imagine a horse building a rocket would you? Because it would be very difficult for it with its claws and the way its body is designed. So that’s why I believe that the race evolving on other planets that gets a human like design first will be the race that has a much higher probability of becoming the race that master space travel on that planet. But sure, there might be exceptions.

But still they may be very different in how they experience the world and how their body functions, just like we see many differences in those areas in races here on earth. For example some animals can see into other wavelengths (the infrared and/or ultraviolet) and some animals (bats, dolphins) can use echolocation to map the surroundings, etc, etc. So aliens may have advanced in areas where we humans have not. I personally believe that they may have a higher spiritual understanding than us too and knows how to benefit from this, just like psychic people on earth for example or twins who say that they can know when each other one is in danger. Maybe this (and more) is common for aliens.

Does aliens exist and are they visiting us?

Most of us may think that aliens visiting the earth is a plain stupid thing to believe in. But why is it that? There are billions of galaxies out there with billions of planets in them, and even that might be an underestimate.

I’m not an expert on these numbers but what I’m trying to say is that there is like an infinitive number of other planets out there in what we consider to be our universe; the remains of the big-bang. And while thinking there might even be an infinitive amount of big-bangs out there the numbers of planets sure has to be FUCKING HUGE! Excuse the language, but it’s needed to really describe this. And with so a large numbers of planets most likely a HUGE (yes, again) amount of them will have very good or even perfect conditions for life to evolve. And life doesn’t necessarily need a planet (very) similar to earth either; right now our scientist is currently discussing how life may evolve at places that we wouldn’t normally think of. So earth isn’t that special after all. I like to think of earth as NOTHING a NO-ONE, just take a look out there at our stars and get rid of the silly thought that EVERYTHING has to be about our little planet called earth, we’re just another “sand grain at the beach”. So with a lot of other planets where life has evolved it should also only be logical to think that at least a few of them (millions) have species which has evolved into beings more advanced that us humans; and even that might even be billions of years ago since they did. Just imagine the technology WE would have in a billion years from now on while keeping in mind all what we have achieved in just the latest 100 years. That’s the technology THEY might have, and you can’t really imagine how advanced that is and what they may achieve with this, the universe might just be their playground. And with a lot of beings out there that has this insane technology wouldn’t you imagine that at least some of them have the equipment capable of finding other planets with life forms? And not only that, but finding them very easy; scanning whole galaxies for life in just a few hours.

So I think it’s not only realistic that at least one alien species has found us, but that even several species knows about us!

Why are animals treated badly?

Do you like seeing hundreds of dead people in the news? No, but you don't mind seeing hundreds of dead chickens in a store shelf when you go shopping? Why is that? Aren’t we (animals and humans) the same things when we both are capable of having thoughts, feeling pain and fear? Why is it okay that animals should feel all this pain and not humans? Our body may not be 100% the same, but the pain we feel sure is 100% the same and isn’t that what should matter in the manner of how we treat other living beings? I’m not a religious guy, but the bible says “threat others like you want others to treat you” and this is really how it should be; that’s the one rule everyone should follow.

And would you think its ok for aliens to come here and farm humans and put us in their stores as meat? I bet your answer for that will be “yes of course, that’s our accepted way of living”. Accepted because that’s what we do to what we consider as lower life forms. If we wouldn't think its ok being treated that way THEN WE FIRST have to change our ways. Or else we’re just inconsistent with our own logic.

You may say that this is the way of the nature, that we’re supposed to hunt and eat lower life-forms, just like a tiger eating an antelope. Well, I could agree with you on that but that’s not really what is happening here. What we do is that we TORTURE them, do experiments on them, breed them in imprisonment and eat them; this is NOT the way of nature.

My final words:
I think we should treat animals like we would like to be treated in their position, because aren’t we in that position to others?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

It’s 100% natural to live again after you have been dead!

You may ask why? And I do present to you this little quote of myself:

“Before you were born you were actually dead, so why are we afraid to die when we have been it before and are alive now?”

And now I’m going to explain it!

You may argument that you weren’t dead before you were born, you may not understand that it’s the same thing. Like someone in a forum once said to me “Before I was born I didn't exist. A nonexistent thing cannot be either alive or dead.”

Well, YES you did exist before you were born. The elements that your body consists of did exist, but they weren’t in the shape of a living body before a womb transformed them into that, they were “dead”. And the same thing happens when your body die, the elements that build up your body will soon after some time be transformed into the other forms of energy again. It may be transformed back into dirt, or if your body is burned it’s transformed into heat, ash, and gasses, etc.

So I say again, yes it’s 100% natural to live again after you have been dead. Because we’re all doing it now and we’re proof of it. So if we did it once why can’t we do it again? I don’t think that anyone should argue about the logic in that.