Sunday, October 21, 2007

Why are animals treated badly?

Do you like seeing hundreds of dead people in the news? No, but you don't mind seeing hundreds of dead chickens in a store shelf when you go shopping? Why is that? Aren’t we (animals and humans) the same things when we both are capable of having thoughts, feeling pain and fear? Why is it okay that animals should feel all this pain and not humans? Our body may not be 100% the same, but the pain we feel sure is 100% the same and isn’t that what should matter in the manner of how we treat other living beings? I’m not a religious guy, but the bible says “threat others like you want others to treat you” and this is really how it should be; that’s the one rule everyone should follow.

And would you think its ok for aliens to come here and farm humans and put us in their stores as meat? I bet your answer for that will be “yes of course, that’s our accepted way of living”. Accepted because that’s what we do to what we consider as lower life forms. If we wouldn't think its ok being treated that way THEN WE FIRST have to change our ways. Or else we’re just inconsistent with our own logic.

You may say that this is the way of the nature, that we’re supposed to hunt and eat lower life-forms, just like a tiger eating an antelope. Well, I could agree with you on that but that’s not really what is happening here. What we do is that we TORTURE them, do experiments on them, breed them in imprisonment and eat them; this is NOT the way of nature.

My final words:
I think we should treat animals like we would like to be treated in their position, because aren’t we in that position to others?

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