Sunday, October 21, 2007

Does aliens exist and are they visiting us?

Most of us may think that aliens visiting the earth is a plain stupid thing to believe in. But why is it that? There are billions of galaxies out there with billions of planets in them, and even that might be an underestimate.

I’m not an expert on these numbers but what I’m trying to say is that there is like an infinitive number of other planets out there in what we consider to be our universe; the remains of the big-bang. And while thinking there might even be an infinitive amount of big-bangs out there the numbers of planets sure has to be FUCKING HUGE! Excuse the language, but it’s needed to really describe this. And with so a large numbers of planets most likely a HUGE (yes, again) amount of them will have very good or even perfect conditions for life to evolve. And life doesn’t necessarily need a planet (very) similar to earth either; right now our scientist is currently discussing how life may evolve at places that we wouldn’t normally think of. So earth isn’t that special after all. I like to think of earth as NOTHING a NO-ONE, just take a look out there at our stars and get rid of the silly thought that EVERYTHING has to be about our little planet called earth, we’re just another “sand grain at the beach”. So with a lot of other planets where life has evolved it should also only be logical to think that at least a few of them (millions) have species which has evolved into beings more advanced that us humans; and even that might even be billions of years ago since they did. Just imagine the technology WE would have in a billion years from now on while keeping in mind all what we have achieved in just the latest 100 years. That’s the technology THEY might have, and you can’t really imagine how advanced that is and what they may achieve with this, the universe might just be their playground. And with a lot of beings out there that has this insane technology wouldn’t you imagine that at least some of them have the equipment capable of finding other planets with life forms? And not only that, but finding them very easy; scanning whole galaxies for life in just a few hours.

So I think it’s not only realistic that at least one alien species has found us, but that even several species knows about us!

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