Sunday, October 14, 2007

It’s 100% natural to live again after you have been dead!

You may ask why? And I do present to you this little quote of myself:

“Before you were born you were actually dead, so why are we afraid to die when we have been it before and are alive now?”

And now I’m going to explain it!

You may argument that you weren’t dead before you were born, you may not understand that it’s the same thing. Like someone in a forum once said to me “Before I was born I didn't exist. A nonexistent thing cannot be either alive or dead.”

Well, YES you did exist before you were born. The elements that your body consists of did exist, but they weren’t in the shape of a living body before a womb transformed them into that, they were “dead”. And the same thing happens when your body die, the elements that build up your body will soon after some time be transformed into the other forms of energy again. It may be transformed back into dirt, or if your body is burned it’s transformed into heat, ash, and gasses, etc.

So I say again, yes it’s 100% natural to live again after you have been dead. Because we’re all doing it now and we’re proof of it. So if we did it once why can’t we do it again? I don’t think that anyone should argue about the logic in that.

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Joakim said...

And to those picky people; "before you were born" is used as a metaphor here. Because yes of course you were alive a little while inside the womb before you were actually born to this world.